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Are you the Head of Engineering we're looking for?

We’re looking for an experienced and dedicated Head of Engineering who wants to join a fast growing, VC-backed startup in the data visualization and analytics space. Are you the type of person that is looking to put all of your knowledge and experience to work and then some?

If so, definitely keep reading.

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We're changing the way that marketers look at data analytics.

We need a Head of Engineering that will help us take our product to the next level.

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for the right experience, drive, and ambition for this role.

The ideal candidate is an expert developer with 5+ years experience using the tech stack (listed below). They have a strong background in data architecture and strategy. And they are very process and detail oriented and have managed distributed engineering teams of 5+ developers.

This is a full-time remote role, with our company base in Toronto, Canada.


You will lead our Engineering Team to scale our platform into the next stages of Funnelytics. You understand the concept of leadership through practice and don’t shy away from leading the charge on building out infrastructures and resolving risk mitigation efforts. As a result you know who to hire next in order to achieve business-oriented goals. 

  • Lead by example by balancing a hands-on mentality with your team leadership role
  • Support and work on Optimization of our IT and Software infrastructure
  • Improve the team’s software engineering skills/practices 
  • Build out our data-intensive applications – we’re growing and you make sure our tech scale stays ahead of that growth
  • Set the architectural direction for the delivery of Software. 
  • Work with Product and Business Teams to align the engineering efforts with Business Goals
  • Manage Engineering related projects and collaborate on Sprint planning with the Product and Success teams
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of engineering projects, ensuring that they fall within budget and on schedule.
  • Proactively analyze risks and plan to mitigate.
  • Manage weekly KPIs and identify areas of improvement.
  • Improve operational efficiencies, including creating processes and best practices.
  • Documentation for all releases and relevant updates.
  • Lead with a customer oriented and value-driven mindset
  • Manage, mentor, and lead a growing globally distributed team of 5+ engineers 
  • Frequent 1-on-1 sessions with direct reports to guide performance and career growth


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience including developing, architecting, DevOps, deploying highly scalable distributed software systems
  • 5+ years experience in engineering team management and working with remote teams.
  • Experience working in a cloud infrastructure technologies like ECS, ELB, EC2, S3, RDS, Redis, IAM, WAF, Route53, Cloudfront, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation and CloudWatch
  • Experience with infrastructure and operations for a B2B Enterprise SaaS and Data Analytics platforms.
  • Capable of mentoring key talent based on staffing requirements.
  • Empowers the Engineering team to tackle architectural and development challenges through a hands-on leadership approach
  • Experienced in Improving systems to scalable architecture
  • Experience in building and deploying single page application
  • Familiarity with design patterns and principles, including DevOps techniques, performance testing & management, and big data storage & processing
  • University Degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science is required.

Our Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • Ember.js 
  • AWS
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Redshift
  • Postgres

The CREATOR Mindset

Our mantra is the CREATOR mindset, which is an acronym for each of our values –

Customer Centricity, Results, Expression, Adaptability, Transparency, Ownership, and Resiliency

We try and bring this mindset to everything we do in the company.

Everyone on our team feels that they are creators, and it is crucial that anyone who joins Funnelytics does feel a strong connection to each of the values it stands for so we can be connect on a deeper level. It’s a huge reason why we are able to work so well and efficiently together, understand and compliment one anothers strengths, value and respect each others ideas, and be adaptable to change and risk, to name a few. As a result of this- we are able to continue to strive to provide the best value to our customers and stay focused as a team.


Some of the perks we can offer

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Does this look like job for you?

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