Introducing People & Date Comparison

Ever wondered how Facebook traffic performs compared to Google organic? Or maybe you want to know how changes to a landing page last week impacted your conversion rates? Those are the types of questions the new Comparison feature is here to answer.
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Date Comparison

An essential part of optimizing a Funnel or Customer Journey is measuring how alterations to Emails, Ads, Pages, etc. impact results. This is usually done by comparing results from before and after a change was made.

Let’s say I have a sales page that is underperforming. It’s currently converting at 2%, but to be profitable, I need to increase that to at least 5%.

First, I hypothesize what the issue could be. “My hook is trash, let’s start there”.

My hook is trash, let’s start there!

So I change the page Headline, and leave it for a few days to collect some data.

(A few days pass…)

It’s time to hop back into Funnelytics and check the results.


A 115% increase in conversion rate just from changing my hook. I’m still a little short of my 5% goal, but a few more tests and tweaks, and I’ll hit my goal in no time!

(Visit our helpdesk article to learn how to use date comparison)

Before I make anymore changes to my sales page, I want to get a better understanding of what groups of people are converting best.

For that I need to use the People Comparison feature.

People Comparison

I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that my experience on mobile is hurting my conversions (and keeping me from hitting my goals).

To figure out if my hypothesis is true, I’ll need to compare people who visited my sales page on mobile vs desktop.

Just as I thought. My mobile traffic (black) is underperforming and dragging down my conversion rate while my desktop traffic (purple) is over my 5% goal.

Unfortunately, I have no control over which device type people visit my page on.

It is possible that people on mobile devices are just less likely to buy overall…but a 1.4% conversion rate is still quite low.

I have a strong feeling that with some mobile optimization on my sales page I can bring that number up enough to hit my 5% goal.

Armed with this information, I’m going to look at improving my mobile experience to hopefully give my conversion rate a lift!

This is just one simple example of how comparing groups of people can help you diagnose your customer journey. But there are tons more to explore, like:

  • Country comparisons
  • Traffic source comparisons (Organic vs Paid)
  • Action comparisons (People who watched a video vs those that didn’t)

The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts

We’ve just scratched the surface of the types of questions you can answer and insights you can uncover utilizing the new Comparison features. If you want more details on how they work, visit this helpdesk article.

We look forward to seeing the creative ways you incorporate these features into your workflow!

I hope they help you uncover some new insights about your visitors, leads and customers. We’d love your feedback once you’ve had a chance to test them out.

(If you don’t have a Funnelytics Pro account, and want to see these features in action, book a demo here with one of our Product Specialists)

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Cameron McEvenue

Cameron McEvenue

Growth Team @ Funnelytics. Cameron is a former user turned Funnelytics team member and loves to nerd out over funnels, automation and paid traffic.

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