Introducing Step Explorer, Next Steps, Ignore In Between Steps & Attribute Explorer

We've released some amazing new features to help you gain insights about the journeys people take to become your leads and customers. The goal of this release was to make working with your data as interactive, fun and insightful as possible. More to come soon!
Introducing Step Explorer, Next Steps, Ignore In Between Steps & Attribute Explorer
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Step Explorer

The Step Explorer feature will change the way you work with your Funnelytics data. No more manual entry of page URLs, UTM parameters or action properties. With Step Explorer, you can quickly map from your existing data, to discover how traffic flows through your funnel or site.

By simply installing our script on your site, you’re able to discover what pages people have visited, what traffic sources (UTMs) they’ve come from and actions they’ve taken–all with a few clicks.

So let’s start by using the Step Explorer to map out the Funnelytics home page to answer a few questions we have.

The first thing I want to know is where are people going after they visit our home page?

Next Steps

The Next Steps features allows me to answer that exact question.

With a simple click, drag and drop from the right-side of my page icon, up pops the Step Explorer again. But this time it shows me a list of actions, people took and pages they visited immediately after visiting our home page.

In the above list I can see that people do a few things

  1. Some people visit the Funnelytics App
  2. Some people visit the account registration page
  3. And some people go to the login page

What I’m really curious about here is path #2. People that are going to the account registration page.

I want to know, what percentage of people that visit the account registration page, actually go on to create an account?

If I map from the right-side of the account registration page, click on the action tab, and select the register action, I can answer that exact question. 47%

The next thing I want to know is, what percentage of people that registered an account, went on to purchase something in the future?

That’s where Ignore In Between Steps comes in…

Ignore In Between Steps

If I want to know what percentage of people that registered for a Funnelytics went on to make a purchase, do I really want to map out every step they took in between? Hell no!

All I want to do is directly connect the register and purchase actions and get the answer…

That’s exactly what Ignore In Between Steps allows you to do. Simply connect any two steps, convert the line into a dashed Ignore In Between Steps line, and we’ll tell you the conversion rate between those two steps.

So to answer my question…what percentage of people that register for an account went on to make a purchase in the current time range? 1.4%!

The last question I want to answer is, how does the conversion rate of traffic from my new Facebook campaign compare to my overall 1.4% conversion rate of Register to Purchase?

Attribute Explorer

Let’s add Attribute Explorer to our workflow to figure that out. First , I’ll use the the Previous Steps feature to map backwards from my landing page.

Here I can see all the different traffic sources people are coming to this page from.

I’ll select the UTM Source of ‘facebook’ since I know I place that parameter on all my Facebook ads.

Next I’ll use the Attribute Explorer to show traffic only from a specific campaign. We’ll combine that with Step Focus on this traffic source to see the conversion rate of people coming from this campaign.

2%. In the last week, people who have created an account after seeing an ad in our new campaign have converted 0.6% better than our baseline 1.4% conversion rate.

It took me less than 60 seconds to get that answer….

Final Thoughts

This example is just scratching the surface of the types of questions you can answer and insights you can get utilizing these new features.

Combining Step Explorer, Previous Steps, Next Steps, Ignore In Between Steps, Attribute Explorer and Step Focus unlocks a fun, visual and interactive way to answer questions about your traffic and how people flow through your funnels.

This is just the start of our data exploration features that will give you more insights about your traffic, leads and customers that aren’t available in any other analytics platform. We hope you find them as valuable as we do, and would love your feedback once you’ve had a chance to test them out.

(If you don’t have a Funnelytics Pro account, and want to see these features in action, book a demo here with one of our Customer Success reps.)

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Cameron McEvenue

Cameron McEvenue

Growth Team @ Funnelytics. Cameron is a former user turned Funnelytics team member and loves to nerd out over funnels, automation and paid traffic.

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