Introducing Lead Times, Action Tracking Improvements and Explorer Enhancements

We've released some amazing new Pro features to help you gain insights about the how long it takes people to complete specific steps in your customer journeys. The goal of this release was to give you more insights about how long it takes visitors to become leads and eventually customers.
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Lead Time

The lead time layer is a gamechanger when it comes to understanding how long it takes people (on average) to complete specific actions in their customer journey.

It allows you to answer questions like:

How long does it take for a person opting into my lead magnet to make a purchase?

How long does it take for someone attending my webinar to book a call with my sales rep?

What is the difference in time-to-conversion for organic traffic vs paid traffic?

Combining lead time with the Funnelytics Explorer unlocks an entirely new layer of insights that used to be a headache to figure out.

Monitoring and improving the average time between steps has a number of benefits including:

  • Uncovering the length of your sales cycle
  • The ability to optimize your customer journey for reducing the time it takes to complete key steps
  • Understanding how long it might take you to recoup ad costs

Best of all? If you’re already using our analytics features, you just need to click a button and we calculate it all for you.

(Not a Pro User yet? Click here to request a demo).

Action Tracking Improvements

We’ve made some major improvements to our tracking script to make sure your data is as accurate as possible.


Sometimes, on really fast sites, if you triggered an action like a purchase or lead, but the next page loaded really quickly, the action wouldn’t be captured because the script didn’t have time to fire before the next page loaded.


With the latest version of the tracking script, we’ve leveraged some new technology so that we capture 99.9% of these actions.

What do I need to do to take advantage of the new technology?

Read this helpdesk article to learn how to take advantage of the new and improved action tracking technology.

Explorer Improvements (All Previous Steps)

In our last update we updated the Explorer to allow you to see “All next steps” people took after a specific step on your canvas regardless of how long in the future it happened, or what session it happened in.

For example, let’s say you wanted to know all the actions people took in the future after visiting a specific landing page? Not just immediately after they visited that page–but any action they took in the future.

In our latest release, we added the ability to see “All previous steps”. This means you can now explore any action people took before completing the target action (regardless of when it happened).

Here is a great example. What if I want to know what actions people are taking right before they buy?

I can simply map out a purchase action with the explorer, drag from the left and see all the actions people took before buying.

Final Thoughts

These examples are just scratching the surface of the types of questions you can answer and insights you can get utilizing these new features.

Combining Lead Times, Explorer, All Previous Steps, and increased action tracking accuracy will allow you to start uncovering insights about the behaviours people take that turn them into customers.

We hope these features help you uncover some new insights about your visitors, leads and customers. We would love your feedback once you’ve had a chance to test them out.

(If you don’t have a Funnelytics Pro account, and want to see these features in action, book a demo here with one of our Customer Success reps.)

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Cameron McEvenue

Cameron McEvenue

Growth Team @ Funnelytics. Cameron is a former user turned Funnelytics team member and loves to nerd out over funnels, automation and paid traffic.

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