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About Workspaces

Workspaces contain funnels, collaborators, a single tracking script, and other settings. It is best practice to have one Workspace per business entity. Why use workspaces?


1) Separating Tracking Data

Tracking data lives at the Workspace level. Each Workspace has it’s own tracking script and settings. If you want to keep data separated, you should create a new Workspace and use the new tracking script.


A good example is tracking a client’s website or funnel.


2) Managing Collaborator Permissions

Collaborators are managed at the Workspace level. Once invited, Collaborators can View or Edit all funnels in a Workspace (depending on the permissions you give them).


3) Working With Clients

It is best practice to have a separate Workspace for each client’s business. Especially if you will be tracking their funnel, or adding the clients to the Workspace as a Collaborator.


If you were to manage all clients in a single Workspace, you may unintentionally be exposing clients funnels to other Collaborators.

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